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Are you looking for Air Conditioning for your vehicle?


Air conditioning is a standard component in modern vehicles, essential for creating a balanced environment inside the car’s cabin. It requires periodic maintenance to function as efficiently as possible, and that’s why we, Tyre City Autocentre, offer all-inclusive service packages for your car’s air conditioning recharge in Dudley.

Manufacturers recommend at least one Aircon regas every 2 years. Your car’s AC will use up the available refrigerant over time. Depletion of the coolant level will prevent the AC from functioning correctly. Low refrigerant levels can also strain ancillary components, causing them to wear out more than usual.

An Aircon regas in Dudley will help upkeep the standard functionality and efficiency. Also, we will run a thorough test of all its parts to ensure there is no external damage that might hamper its functionality.

Air conditioning recharge at Tyre City Autocentre

We follow industry-recognised techniques while regassing or repairing your car’s air conditioner. The entire process is divided into a few steps.

  • We will empty the refrigerant canister of the remaining gas to prevent any contamination during refill. Our technicians will also clean any residual lubricant before refilling.
  • Once it is emptied and clean, we will perform a pressure test to ensure there is no physical damage or leaks in the container, piping, or joints. If all the components are in pristine condition, we will continue with an Aircon regas in Birmingham.We use only R134A standard AC refrigerant in accordance with environmental laws.
  • Post refill, we will do a vacuum test, followed by a thorough functionality test to ensure your car’s AC is working efficiently. You will immediately notice an improvement in its performance; an air conditioning recharge can improve the cooling capacity by almost 10°C.

Other services

We also offer other repair and cleaning services for car ACs. The AC vents and ducts are moist places, vulnerable to fungi accumulation or bacterial growth. Such growth can create serious health issues, from asphyxiation to drowsiness if the air is inhaled for long periods.

Our air condition cleaning services will ensure your car’s systems are washed of any such fungal growth, eliminating chances of health issues and any foul odour coming from the unit. You can add such services along with an air conditioning recharge in Birmingham to make sure you don’t face any adverse condition while driving.

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Bring your car to Tyre City Autocentre for a thorough inspection and servicing of its air conditioning unit. We have a team of professionals who can quickly and efficiently tackle all the issues with your car’s systems against affordable fees. Feel free to visit us anytime, or, call us ahead to schedule an appointment and jump the queue.