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Dunlop Tyres

With over a century of experience in motorsport, Dunlop has been at the forefront of the global tyre industry. The company was the pioneer in developing race track standard tyres. Today, Dunlop operates worldwide, producing and selling industry-leading tyres.

At Tyre City Autocentre , we offer the latest Dunlop tyres in Dudley and more. The company rivals brands like Goodyear and Hankook not only in motorsports segment but also in premium passenger tyres.

Our garage offers a wide selection of Dunlop tyres to fit your every requirement. The garage’s experienced technicians will help you to choose the best tyre for your vehicle.

If you’re considering buying Dunlop car tyres Dudley , our garage leaves no stones unturned.

Why choose Dunlop tyres?

No matter what vehicle you own, choosing the most suitable set of tyres is crucial. This is where Dunlop excels. They provide the top-quality tyres across every single variant which a vehicle owner in UK may require. Moreover, the company invests a significant portion of its revenue in R&D to offer to upgrade its products.

The latest venture from the house of Dunlop is "run-flat" tyres. These tyres prove a reckoning in the automobile industry with an ability to run even when flat at speeds of up to 50mph for as far as 50 miles.

We, at Tyre City Autocentre , have an extensive collection of run-flat tyres in our line-up. Furthermore, we also provide professional tyre fitting services at affordable rates.

Where Dunlop tyres surpass the most?

Every Dunlop tyre is rigorously tested before it hits the shelves. The company's ‘360 Quality Tests’ ensures every tyre is measured, tested and matches the performance criteria under EU Tyre Standards.

Moreover, Dunlop car tyres in Dudley have added benefits which are rare in most brands. For instance –

    • Noise shield technology

This technology muffles decibel counts by almost 50% without compromising on performance abilities.

    • Multi-blade system

This technology challenges extreme situations like snowy roads and wet surface. These tyres are resistant to aquaplaning and make it suitable to be used on icy roads. We, at Tyre City Autocentre , provide different blades for varying winter conditions.

    • Dual-silica compound

It guarantees significantly lower wear, ideal for extreme summer temperatures. The compound ensures –

1. High grip

2. Superb acceleration and braking capabilities

3. Low erosion rates

These tyres could also be used in winters for maximum endurance and smooth handling.

    • Run-flat technology

A speciality from the brands, these tyres assures you cover that extra mile to reach your destination even on flats. So, if you’re thinking of reducing the risk of tyre blowouts, you can buy these Dunlop tyres online from our garage’s official website at discounted prices.

Why Us?

We take pride in offering reliable tyre selling service at competitive prices. If you are looking for Dunlop tyres in Dudley at the best possible price points, refer to Tyre City Autocentre .

Our expert technicians, with over 20 years of experience, can ensure you with quality vehicle services and products. Call ahead to book an appointment.