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Are you looking for Locking Wheel Nut Removal for your vehicle?


Tyre City Autocentre offers exclusive locking wheel nut removal services in Dudley, designed for quick and damage-free removal of the same for uninstalling the wheels. We offer locking wheel nut removal in Dudley for all types and makes of vehicles, ensuring you get a complete service regardless of what car you own.

Our specialised equipment and experienced staff can work out upon any wheel nut or bolt of a vehicle. Moreover, we maintain a large stock of manufacturer-specified aftermarket lock nuts and wheel bolts for replacing the damaged unit. All our products and services are offered at attractive prices, so you won’t have to worry about the cost of a replacement.

What causes wheel nuts to lock out?

Wheel nuts are exposed to the outside weather and dirt. Over an extended period of use, this dirt and sand accumulate inside its threads, jamming the locking nut. Also, corrosive substances from the road can chip its stainless coating, allowing water to create rust inside the housing.

You will need our locking wheel nut removal in Birmingham in such situations. Our purpose built tools are specifically designed to remove a unit without any damage to the rim.

Instant service

The automated process ensures prompt removal of locking wheel nut without applying too much force on your car’s rims. The automatic removal tool applies symmetrical torque throughout the lug’s circumference, making sure the thread inside the lug and in the rim does not get damaged.

We will also apply a generous layer of anti-rust coating before installing the new locking lug. It will prevent water, dirt and sand from eroding away the original stainless lining and extend its life. It will also act as a lubricant to ease installation and removal of the same.

We have a 100% success rate when it comes to locking wheel nut removal in Dudley, the combination of specialised equipment and experienced staff gives us an upper hand where most others have failed.

Why you shouldn’t try to remove a stuck wheel nut

Tightly stuck wheel nut can be extremely difficult to remove and can cause damage to the tools, the wheel and rim assembly, and the lock itself.

For example, in situations when the threads are stuck with dirt and grime and/or a corroded assembly, any attempt to force open the wheel nut can strip away the tools along with inside and outside thread.

That’s why we suggest bringing your vehicle to Tyre City Autocentre in Dudley for a locking wheel nut removal.

Locking wheel nut removal in Dudley

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