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Are you looking for Brake Replacement Dudley for your vehicle?


Welcome to Tyre City Autocentre , your one-stop-destination for automobile servicing

We are one of the largest vehicle repair garages in the neighbourhood, and we offer comprehensive services pertaining to brake repair Dudley at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Modern cars come equipped with a sophisticated braking system. Multiple components can cause a car’s brakes to malfunction; a fault with brake callipers, rotors, hydraulics, etc. can render it useless.

Components like brake pads need complete replacement as they wear and lose their effectiveness with time. That’s why you should bring your vehicle to our garage whenever you notice an issue with the brakes. Our team of expert technicians will thoroughly inspect the entire system and perform any necessary repairs.

Detecting malfunctioning brakes

You will notice some noticeable indications if your car’s brakes start malfunctioning. Let’s take a look at some common signs of a faulty system.

    • Noise –

A screeching sound is usually one of the first indications of a defective braking system. You might hear a rumbling or screeching noise whenever you apply your car’s brakes. Bring your vehicle to our garage for a brake replacement Dudley, Birmingham whenever you face this issue.

    • Vibration –

A damaged or warped brake rotor can cause the chassis to shake while braking. Not fixing this issue can further damage the components, requiring a costly overhaul.

The technicians at Tyre City Autocentre are equipped with the necessary tools to fix a warped brake rotor. We also keep a large stock of replacement parts in case you need to swap the disc itself.

    • Increased stopping distance –

Worn out brake pads, leaking hydraulics, loose cables, and several other issues can cause your car’s stopping distance to increase. It is a severe safety risk; malfunctioning brakes can increase the stopping distance of a loaded vehicle by almost 6 meters while driving at only 40mph.

    • ‘ABS warning’ light –

Any malfunction with your car’s ABS will trigger its ‘ABS warning’ indicator. Whenever you see the warning light, bring your car to our garage immediately for a repair; malfunctioning ABS can cause the entire system to fail and cause an unfortunate incident.

Our services

The technicians at Tyre City Autocentre are well-equipped and experienced to tackle any issue with your vehicle’s braking system. We offer services like brake replacement Dudley, Birmingham, testing and adjusting faulty ABS units, rotor resurfacing, brake fluid refilling, etc.

Parts like brake pads usually last about 30,000 to 60,000 miles. However, carrying heavy loads or frequent ‘hard’ braking can reduce its life span. Hydraulics and brake fluids also need replacement after every 1 to 2 years.

We would recommend bringing your vehicle to our garage annually and allow us to run a complete assessment to ensure its functionality.

We strive to offer the best service to our clientele, making sure that your vehicle stays in perfect condition after you avail a brake repair Dudley, Birmingham from our garage.

Feel free to bring your car to our garage anytime you want; you can also call us to schedule an appointment before your visit.