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Goodyear Tyres

Starting in 1893 with just 13 workers, Goodyear has progressed to become an example of excellence in the automobile technology industry. The company commands a global presence, as one of the most well-recognized tyre manufacturers in the world with annual sales exceeding £11 million. Hence Tyre City Autocentre recommends Goodyear tyres for motorists looking for premium performance.

Goodyear’s name is associated with the discovery of rubber vulcanisation, a process without which tyre manufacturing would never be possible. Today, Goodyear is one of the largest tyre suppliers in Britain with an estimated 5 million tyres sold a year.

So, when deciding to mount a new set, going with Goodyear tyres in Dudley is the right decision. In our garage, you'll find all the models of Goodyear tyres popular with car owners in Dudley.

Top Goodyear tyres in the UK

    • Summer tyres

Summer tyres developed primarily for use at high temperatures. Their tread compound can resist heat better than other types of tyres, thus wear less when operating under high temperatures. At Tyre City Autocentre in Dudley, motorists can find suitable tyre models for their cars.

Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

1. Delivers excellent comfort with superior barking performance on wet conditions.

2. SoundComfort technology lowers noise level driving.

3. Rank 1 holder in ‘Auto Bild all rad’ test for summer tyres. Thus, these are a great choice of Goodyear car tyres Birmingham.

Eagle F1 Super Sport

1. Presence of innovative U-shaped specialised power zones for high wet and dry performance.

2. Tread deformation protection offers high-speed stability.

3. Closed outside pattern enables excellent dry performance and stable cornering.

4. Super stiff sidewalls provide handling and driving stability.

  • Winter tyres

Automobile experts unanimously agree that winter tyres are a must for your safety when driving at temperatures below 5°C. The tread compound in these tyres has a higher percentage of natural rubber which makes them softer, resistant to moisture loss at frigid temperatures. Arguably, the best winter tyres in Dudley at our garage are mostly Goodyears.

UltraGrip Performance

1. 1st rank holder in performance test by SportAuto.

2. Hydrodynamic grooves effectively channel water away from the tyre surface, thereby reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

3. Goodyear’s patented SnowProtect technology enables superior winter performance by reducing braking distance. The UK sees an increased case of accidents during the winters, so to be safe you must fit the suitable Goodyear tyres Dudley.

UltraGrip 8 Performance

1. Integration of three different types of sipes for superior grip.

2. Large contact patch that improves handling on ice.

3. Low weight construction lowers fuel consumption.

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