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Are you looking for Clutch Services for your vehicle?


A car clutch is designed to last for about 50,000 to 80,000 miles. After that time, the friction plate will wear out, and you’ll need to opt for a clutch replacement in Dudley. Tyre City Autocentre offers you precisely with the services you need to maintain your car’s clutch in an optimal state.

Professional services on a vehicle clutch

Replacing or repairing a car’s clutch system is one of the most complex automobile repair works that one can do at home. It requires removal of the drive shaft and disassembling of your car’s transmission. In some models, the engine may need supporting with a hoist.

So, leave the difficult process for us. At Tyre City Autocentre in Dudley, we house the best facility for all necessary automotive servicing, including clutch repair.


Signs that your car needs a clutch repair

  • Slipping

A slipping clutch is the most common sign for a clutch repair in Dudley . Over time, the friction material on a clutch wears out and slips against the flywheel. A common sign of slipping is an unexpected gain in engine revolution without any intentional acceleration. A higher than usual ‘bite point’ on your car’s pedal is also a sign of slippage.

  • Clutch judder

A strong vibration from the transmission when you release your car’s clutch pedal is a symptom of a malfunctioning system. It happens when oil or hydraulic fluid finds its way on to the clutch plate or flywheel’s surface.


A misalignment of the flywheel and the clutch disc can also be a reason for this. A warped flywheel also results in this. Clutch judder can be a severe issue, so, on noticing signs of the same, you need to opt for clutch replacement in Birmingham.

  • Other possible defects with a clutch

At times malfunctions in the clutch system may stem from other places. Sometimes the problem lies in clutch sticking, which prevents a car from going into gear.

Reasons for a sticking clutch –

1. Broken or stretched cable

2. Defective slave or master cylinder

3. Trapped air in the hydraulic lines

4. Misadjusted linkage

A clutch repair service from our garage includes –

1. A thorough examination of your car’s hydraulic lines and cylinders.

2. Adjustment of a clutch pedal’s play, as with time the tolerances inside a clutch system changes as its friction disc wears down.

3. Placing the right type of friction disc. You can choose amongst organic, ceramic, Kevlar, and semi-metallic. Experts in our garage will help you with the right choice.

Why us?

At our automobile service facility, Tyre City Autocentre , we offer clutch repair in Birmingham at affordable prices.

So, visit us today for precision clutch replacement service in Dudley.