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Continental Tyres

Since the inception of rubber tyres, Continental tyres have etched its name in history. The brand serves a single purpose – maintain a continuous flow of high-end technological advancements into manufacturing every single unit. Continental is one of the leading names when it comes to innovation and R&D driven production.

When it comes to the one-stop solution for your vehicle tyres, Tyre City Autocentre in Dudley provides you with Continental tyres, tailor-fit to your every requirement. Be it summer, winter or 4X4 tyres, we have it all.

Pioneering tyres through ages

Safety and performance are at the heart of Continental tyres. So, if you’re buying Continental car tyres in Dudley , you would not only be a part of the rich legacy but also prepared to tackle every obstacle in your way.

Spread over 3 continents, Continental tyres are expanding their boundaries in providing tyre solutions in the most diverse road conditions. Our garage is one of the growing retailers of quality tyres including Dunlop. We offer our customers supreme quality summer and winter tyres among others.

    • Tyres for summer

We know summer months are rough on your tyres. Therefore, we recommend you to buy max performance Continental summer tyres from Tyre City Autocentre in Dudley.

Here goes our pick –

1. ContiSportContact2

This tyre houses a bionic-tread compound technology moulded into an asymmetric pattern. The precision of this variety provides circumferential stiffness for withstanding heat and cross-linked tread grooves for aquaplaning. It is one of the most popular Continental car tyres Dudley as far as sales from our facility is concerned.

2. ContiSportContact5

The Contact5 comes with a rubber compound which can release energy quickly to provide a superior braking capability. This tyre’s internal structure features a polyamide mixture to resist heat and friction without compromising ride quality. We recommend you to buy these Continental tyres in Dudley from our garage for 100% authenticity.

Our range does not stop here. Keeping in mind the cold UK winters, our shelves extend to premium winter tyres as well.

    • Tyres for winter

As our summer tyres exude variety, so does our collection of winter tyres. Our garage holds the most premium quality of winter tyres from Continental. Our experts' pick –

Here goes our pick –

1. ContiWinterContact TS790

A specially built tyre with intermediate tread blocks and lateral grooves, it provides excellent wet road traction and aquaplaning resistance.

2. WinterContact SI

This is our favourite for its rubber studs on the tyre's outer surface. These studs provide a firm grip on icy roads. Moreover, the high-density zig-zag stripes on the tyres improve traction in difficult wintry conditions. Furthermore, its grooves have 3D snow-biting edges to enhance braking even in deep snow.

You can get your hands on these Continental car tyres in Dudley from our garage year-round.

Why buy from us?

We’re a leading garage in the UK to deal exclusively in branded tyres like Continental. Our tyres are 100% genuine. We also provide you with the option to buy Continental tyres online from our web store at competitive prices.